The Artisan

The Artisan

Mixed Use


Pensacola, FL

Year Completed: 2016
Size: 13,700 SF

Located on American Planning Association’s Top 10 America’s Great Streets, the Treehouse Residence is representative of our culture’s increased awareness of the irreplaceable value and preservation of historic architecture.  The restoration and adaptive re-use of this 1890s era building ensured the duration of one of Pensacola’s highest visibility landmarks would be extended for generations. Originally used for mercantile commerce and located near the edge of Pensacola’s bayfront, the project building was one of many similar load bearing masonry warehouses that defined the bustling epicenter of commerce in the heart of Pensacola’s South Palafox Waterfront District.  The entire project was redesigned including all previously shared common areas that became opportunities for exclusive use as a single-family residence.  Former separated balconies and terraces were reimagined as attached, exterior spaces for public and private, intimate uses, and the original, column and beam supported upper-level warehouse was reintroduced to its former expansive, uninterrupted space --- ideal for 100+ person attended events --- while a 3,200 sq foot area was preserved for the more private inner-sanctum.

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