The Bodacious Olive

The Bodacious Olive



Pensacola, FL

Year Completed: 2011
Size: 8,000 SF

The design for the olive oil shop is part of a bigger scheme for the adaptive reuse of two historical downtown buildings on Palafox Street in Pensacola, Florida. At the Bodacious Olive customers are just as interested in the experience as they are the olive oil. Big fustis full of different types of olive oil are suspended above broad Kirei Board counter tops, creating the optimal space for sampling the olive oil. Beneath the counter tops are uniquely designed racks allowing the maximum bottle capacity for the space. After the customer decides on an olive oil, they can grab one of these bottles, fill it up, and proceed to the checkout counter. This efficient design utilizes ever bit of the stores limited space. The design induces a feeling and creates an experience that will keep costumers coming back.

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